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        China International Hardware Show:7–9 August 2020



        Shanghai has two Airports: Pudong Airport (PVG) for most international arrivals and Hongqiao (SHA) for domestic travel. Please check your ticket or with your travel agent which airport you are departing from or arriving at.

        Pudong Airport is about 30 km away from Shanghai City Center. Travel time by taxi is about 60 minutes, expense approx. RMB 220. Alternatively, the high-speed maglev train will link you to Metro Line 2, by this line you could reach the venue (National Exhibition and Convention Center) at Xujing East Station.

        Hongqiao airport and Hongqiao Railway Station is only 1.5km from National Exhibition and Convention Center, 10 minutes by taxi.

        When arriving at the airport, avoid drivers who approach you in the terminal or outside the terminal as these are almost always price-gougers, who will ask triple or more the actual price. There is a taxi line just outside the terminal. Make sure the driver is using his meter and keep your invoice for any unexpected situation.

        Taxi Service
        Shanghai has numerous taxi operators, reliable and recommended are:
        ? Shanghai Dazhong (blue color)
        ? Shanghai Qiangsheng (yellow color)
        ? Shanghai Jinjiang (white color)
        ? Shanghai Bashi (green color)

        For traveling around Shanghai, subway is a speedy, safe, comfortable and convenient means of transportation. Presently, Shanghai has eleven subway lines in operation, totaling approximately 410 kilometers, connecting the main tourist attractions, transportation hubs, commercial areas and shopping spots such as the Bund, Nanjing Road, Huaihua Road, People`s Square, Shanghai Railway Station and Xujiahui.

        Download Shanghai subway map